IT Infrastructure Security Assessment

In a world dominated by connectivity, cybersecurity becomes more important within your IT infrastructure. Deploying vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can ensure your organization is protected from emerging security trends.

Your IT security requires a specific level of service and quality to ensure your organization and IT environment are equipped for any internal or external cybersecurity threats. Utilizing the proper software and application testing tools to determine your infrastructure’s vulnerability will protect it from attacks such as malware, phishing, scamming, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection and backdoors.
Paragon Micro Canada provides a solution-first approach in addressing your IT infrastructure security needs. Our team can deploy a Breach Advisory Readiness Program, designed to identify gaps in your IT security infrastructure by testing various network environments.

Vulnerability Assessment

Security measures like vulnerability assessments are paramount in protecting your organization's IT infrastructure. These assessments provide in-depth analysis and review of your security weaknesses, identifying areas of improvement to reduce further vulnerabilities. There are several different scans available and can include internal or external scans, database scans, environmental and network assessments, internet scans, and web application or host-based analysis.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing refers to a simulated cybersecurity attack against your IT infrastructure or network in order to discover gaps or vulnerabilities within your environment. These tests can cover a number of different application systems, from front end or back end servers, web application firewalls, application protocol interfaces (API), and other areas where code injection attacks may occur.

  • Strategic Security Assessment and Review:
    Paragon Micro Canada understands how important security requirements are to organizational success. Our solutions-first approach keeps the organization’s needs as the top priority, creating security business outcomes that keep your budget and infrastructure security in mind.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions:
    Cybersecurity is important in the modern workplace, but with an evolving mobile workforce comes increased security risks. Paragon Micro Canada provides strategic security solutions to ensure organizational control and complete protection against emerging attacks.
  • Internal or External Security Threats:
    Targeted external threats such as malware and phishing attacks can compromise your employee or customer data. We offer protective measures against these threats and a wide range of effective procedures to minimize your downtime, should a cyber-attack occur.
  • Data Protection and Management:
    Should you be the target of a data breach, it’s paramount to put security safeguarding measures in place to avoid significant damage to your organization. We offer a range of data protection cybersecurity solutions for data centres and cloud-based applications so your business can run safe and secure.
  • CISO as a Service:
    Our team will assess your current security environment level against the organization’s overall risk management goals and develop a safe and reliable risk management plan that aligns the organizational objectives to your cybersecurity needs.

Our Approach

Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. We begin with business-focused strategy sessions with our Client Directors and Solution Architects. We care about people, process, and technology.
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Paragon Micro Canada provides technical consulting engagements delivered through our Professional Services Consultants to assess and optimize your IT infrastructure.
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Using our global partner network, we source and supply the appropriate hardware and/or software solution necessary for client success. Our implementation and deployment services will ensure a smooth transition on your IT infrastructure.
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Work with our Client Directors and Solutions Architects to measure previously defined success metrics and ensure strategic direction aligns with organizational vision.
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
The relationships we create with our customers is what makes Paragon Micro Canada who we are today. Your feedback is essential to our growth and enables us to maintain an award-winning level of service excellence.

Our Offerings:

Risk Management and Mitigation

Managed security services and cybersecurity strategy to keep your organization protected.

CISO as a Service

Receive expert consultation, assessment, and management needed to optimize your security infrastructure needs.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmapping

Focus on larger deployment projects and let the Paragon Micro Canada team keep your infrastructure secure.

IT Security

Assess your entire IT infrastructure with guidance from our security experts.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Experience the latest in cloud technology with Microsoft and Paragon Micro Canada.

IT Networking

Optimize your IT infrastructure with industry-leading tools and deployment services.

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