Secure Your IT Environment

IT risk management and mitigation are critical elements to your overall IT infrastructure. Ensuring your network environment is secure and protected against internal and external threats is vital to organizational success.

Organizational success relies on stable security solutions to drive business success. Reducing vulnerabilities, threats, and consequences from within your IT infrastructure could greatly improve your organization’s overall function and secure your sensitive data from external attacks.
In working with Paragon Micro Canada, you’re receiving expert consultation and recommendations from the industry’s leading solutions experts. Our experience and partnerships with global security technology leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Palo Alto Networks make us a trusted source for IT security and risk management.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

In order to fully understand your IT environment and the potential threats available, our team will deploy and conduct a series of simulated cyberattacks using vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. These tests are designed to evaluate the overall impact a security threat could have on your IT environment, and look to find ways of reducing your organization’s security impact.

Cybersecurity and Strategy Roadmapping

When deploying IT security infrastructure, it’s important to understand your options and evaluate the best approach for your organization. Our team will work with you to develop a cybersecurity strategy that outlines every step along the way, ensuring your infrastructure is secure from internal or external threats. Our experience also goes beyond Canadian borders, with technical specialists available from the world’s top IT security organizations.

  • Proven Security Expertise:
    Infrastructure security breaches of any kind can be catastrophic to business operations and lead to significant infrastructure and revenue loss. Using our solutions-first approach, Paragon Micro Canada looks to understand your current security environment, minimize the impact of a security breach, and provide tools and recommendations for sustained success.
  • Trusted Security Partners:
    For decades, Paragon Micro Canada has built established relationships with the world’s top IT security organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Palo Alto Networks. We understand what matters most to a secure and protected IT environment, and working with the best technology available in security management means your hardware and software security needs will be answered.
  • IoT Security:
    Through our trusted partners we can ensure the level of security on IoT devices before installation and regularly undertake audits and risk assessments. You’re in the driver’s seat when determining your IT infrastructure security requirements.
  • External Threats:
    Targeted external threats such as malware and phishing attacks can compromise your employee or customer data. We offer protective measures against these threats and a wide range of IT security services and effective procedures to minimize your downtime should a cyber-attack occur.
  • NIST and CIS Framework:
    Security compliance is the foundation of our cybersecurity strategy and consulting services. Our use of NIST and CIS framework integration means your IT infrastructure will have a better understanding of cybersecurity risk and provide recommendations to reduce internal or external threats.

Our Approach

Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. We begin with business-focused strategy sessions with our Client Directors and Solution Architects. We care about people, process, and technology.
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Paragon Micro Canada provides technical consulting engagements delivered through our Professional Services Consultants to assess and optimize your IT infrastructure.
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Using our global partner network, we source and supply the appropriate hardware and/or software solution necessary for client success. Our implementation and deployment services will ensure a smooth transition on your IT infrastructure.
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Work with our Client Directors and Solutions Architects to measure previously defined success metrics and ensure strategic direction aligns with organizational vision.
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
The relationships we create with our customers is what makes Paragon Micro Canada who we are today. Your feedback is essential to our growth and enables us to maintain an award-winning level of service excellence.

Our Offerings:

End User Experience

Complete IT solutions tailored to succeed with any organization.

Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud

Advanced network infrastructure solutions and public cloud management services.

IT Security

Assess your entire IT infrastructure with guidance from our security experts.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Software and application testing tools designed for any IT environment.

CISO as a Service

Receive expert consultation and guidance for all your IT security needs.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmapping

Let our security specialists optimize your IT environment.

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