Infrastructure Solutions for the Changing Workforce

Technology shapes the world around us, which can directly impact your organization’s IT performance. Paragon Micro Canada has built an extensive network of global technology partners, giving us a range of software, hardware, networking components, and necessary support services to accomplish any IT cloud objective.

Paragon Micro Canada’s team of solutions experts are trained to create strategic data management solutions tailored to your organization’s requirements. Our solutioning philosophy ensures you’re getting the right product for the job, regardless of size or cost.

IT Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud enables organizations to structure a mixed computing, network infrastructure, storage and application management environment using a range of different cloud platforms and connectivity options. These options (private cloud, on-premises infrastructure, and private cloud) give your IT infrastructure the flexibility it needs to run efficiently and reduce any data storage management issues.

Advanced Networking

Networking is a vital component to your IT infrastructure and involves a variety of components. Network functions can include network connectivity, internet management, firewall and security management, and network operations.

On-Premises and Public Cloud Data Centre

Your IT environment’s data centre management can come in several ways. On-premises data centres are typically located on-site and managed internally, whereas public cloud or hybrid cloud data centres are located within a cloud storage partner such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Backup and Disaster Recovery

File and data management can be crucial to successful IT operations. Ensure you’re equipped with the right backup and disaster recovery tools to save your organization from costly deletions or data security threats.

  • IT Service Excellence:
    Paragon Micro Canada is committed to delivering robust and strategic IT infrastructure guidance while ensuring your organization’s IT needs are met. Our tailored options give your company the flexibility it demands to operate efficiently, all while keeping your IT budget in mind.
  • Solutioning Philosophy
    Our approach focuses on business outcomes and delivering on previous defined success metrics, tailored to your organization’s exact IT needs. We assess your entire infrastructure from the start to provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services designed for operational efficiency.
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Options
    Mixing a cloud computing model of any kind into your IT infrastructure is incredibly beneficial to overall business operations. Paragon Micro Canada is available to handle any challenge or objective your IT environment may require, and formulate a strategic direction aimed at reducing infrastructure costs, improved workforce support, and increased security and risk management standards.
  • Infrastructure Flexibility
    Our deployment capabilities offer the ultimate flexibility for your specific IT infrastructure requirements, meaning you’ll get the right hardware and software components for the job.
  • Global Partner Network
    We work with the top technology leaders to deliver any level of IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud needs. Let our team of experts help you navigate through the complex journey of IT infrastructure and management. Our approach to successful IT business outcomes keeps you in the driver’s seat, ensuring complete control of your IT environment.
  • Automation and Configuration
    Enabling automation and configuration tactics will allow your organization to operate efficiently, reducing repeatable tasks and processes and replacing them with automated IT systems. Configuration management also ensures your IT environment (servers, software, and all related computer systems) are communicating properly and operating in a consistent and optimal state.
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
    Infrastructure management will come with several IT situations to assess risk and determine best outcomes for your organization. Having a risk management plan in place with solutions-based objectives will lead to a more sound IT environment with secure data management practices.

Our Approach

Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Consultative Business Strategy Sessions
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. We begin with business-focused strategy sessions with our Client Directors and Solution Architects. We care about people, process, and technology.
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Phase 1: Assessment and Design Workshops
Our solutioning philosophy puts the customer first. Paragon Micro Canada provides technical consulting engagements delivered through our Professional Services Consultants to assess and optimize your IT infrastructure.
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Phase 2: Project Delivery - Sourcing and Implementation
Using our global partner network, we source and supply the appropriate hardware and/or software solution necessary for client success. Our implementation and deployment services will ensure a smooth transition on your IT infrastructure.
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Phase 3: Optimization and Business Outcome Enablement
Work with our Client Directors and Solutions Architects to measure previously defined success metrics and ensure strategic direction aligns with organizational vision.
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
Phase 4: Client Testimonial
The relationships we create with our customers is what makes Paragon Micro Canada who we are today. Your feedback is essential to our growth and enables us to maintain an award-winning level of service excellence.

Our Offerings:

IT Networking

Optimize your IT infrastructure with industry-leading tools and deployment services.

On-Premises and Public Cloud Data Centre Optimization

Utilize cloud technology and create a more efficient IT environment.

Data Protection and Management

Secure your sensitive information with leading security solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure your organization is prepared with backup and data recovery processes.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Managed security services and cybersecurity strategy to keep your organization protected.

IT Security

Assess your entire IT infrastructure with guidance from our security experts.

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